Road safety

The RMS, in conjunction with Kempsey Shire Council, has developed and distributes free community education resources.


Front page of Heads up on Helmets brochure

Heads up on helmets: Why your teenager should wear a bike helmet

Teenagers are less likely than other cyclists to wear a bike helmet. Cyclists can reduce the risk of head injury by more than 60% by wearing an approved helmet which is correctly fitted and fastened. This fact sheet, for parents and carers of teenagers, provides information about the correct way to fit and wear a bike helmet. Also included is advice about how to encourage teenagers to wear a bike helmet correctly.

Share and be aware: Travelling together safely

This brochure provides practical advice to cyclists, motorists, motorbike riders and pedestrians about how to share the road safely. Information is also provided for cyclists and pedestrians about using shared paths. If you are interested in more information about cycling, you will find a list of cycling resources available from the RMS.

Riding in groups: A guide to riding safely on our roads

Front page of Riding in Groups brochure

No matter how we chose to travel - ride, drive or walk - the road is there to share. When you share the road you must ride predictably, respect the rights of other road users and obey the road rules. This brochure provides advice about how to cycle safely in groups and outlines the main road rules for cyclists.

Safe riding: A guide to safe cycling

Front page of Safe Riding brochure

Cycling is environmentally friendly and benefits both individual and community health and fitness. This brochure provides tips for safe riding and includes information about safety equipment and special road rules for cyclists. There is also a list of additional resources on cycling.

School and children

Inside pages of School bus safety brochure

School bus safety: How parents can help

Everyday almost a million NSW school children travel to and from school in safety - many of them by bus. This brochure provides tips for parents and carers to ensure that school bus journeys are as safe as possible.


A guide to using motorised wheelchairs