Mayor Liz Campbell

From the Mayor's desk
Week commencing 24 February 2020Mayor Liz Campbell

You saved the water

Something I often think about is the relationship between Council and our community. In ways that run far deeper than our election processes, the people of this Shire are the real power. Just look at what you achieved with water.

In December we were forced to move to Level 3 water restrictions. The benchmark for that decision is when it is calculated that there are only six months of water left. Our experts don’t just look at how much water is in the dam, but also how much is being used each day.

The amazing thing was how you responded. Our consumption of water went way, way down. Yes there were restrictions, but so many of those are hard to enforce. Not unless we start sending council rangers in to time your showers!

That meant when the rains came, we could hold off on the decision to go to Level 4 - it was only days away - and now we are confident to move back to Level 2. So, thank you for your great water saving efforts. Now please keep it up and hopefully we can look to a time of no restrictions in the weeks and months to come.

Working together for South West Rocks

The reality of Council is that we never have the money to do everything we want. Last week we had to face the reality that the existing tenders for the South West Rocks High Performance Centre were more than we had budget for.

It has been rewarding to see Council work alongside the South West Rocks Sport and Recreation Association and the South West Rocks Country Club through the stages of this project. There’s more work ahead to seek new tenders to design and construct a facility that meets both the vision and the budget targets, to investigate all possible funding options and deliver a facility that will benefit the entire community.

Girl pointing at shower timerTora Spokes of Crescent Head sent us a water saving selfie over Christmas to show how her family are using a shower timer to conserve water